Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How to take part in Global Schoolpreneur Summit as a participant?

Ans: We make things simple for you. You are just one registration away from being part of GSS 2019. Fill up the registration form here -- and we’ll handle from there.

Q: How to get updates regarding the summit?
Ans: GSS team will keep you posted on all the developments through mails and SMS. So, keep a tab on your phone’s notifications.

Q: How is Metamorphosis associated with GSS?

Ans: GSS is presented and organized by none other than Metamorphosis. As part of its vision to reach out to 2 million students around the globe, GSS is Metamorphosis' biggest event that brings young entrepreneurs from around the world on a single platform.  

Q: How many countries are involved in this summit with respect to the delegates and participants?

Ans: Five countries around the globe are all set to be part of this year’s Global Schoolpreneur Summit.

Q: How can I acquire a stall space at the venue?

Ans: Write an email to or The queries will be answered promptly. 

Q: How can the members of the media attend?

Ans: Write an email to The queries will be answered promptly. 

Q: How to register for the summit?

Ans: Just fill in the registration form at and ensure finish all the steps of the registration process promptly. And that’s it, you are good to go.

Q: How are the refund policies on the entry passes for the event?

Ans: Once paid, the amount will not be refunded. 

Q: What is Intra Schoolpreneur Summit?

Ans: As the name itself suggests, Intra Schoolpreneur Summit is going to be the first level of Global Schoolpreneur Summit 2019. All the registered ideas that have made the cut from each school will be brought to a common stage where the teams will have to compete with the others from the same school. 


Q: What is the selection process for the students to present their ideas?

Ans: Schools/students who are already a part of the Metamorphosis program will have to go through the Intra Schoolpreneur Summit, other students can participate by registering on the website Once the ideas are chosen for the next round, Semi Finale will be conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Vizag. Students who register from other cities can come and attend the semi finale in any of the above regions or can send their pitch deck via email.

Q: What would the winners of GSS get?

Ans: The best ideas will be awarded cash prizes upto 1 lakh rupees. Other chosen ideas will be incubated and will be given investment or other collaboration opportunities.

Q: What can be the maximum strength of a team?

Ans: While we are all in for ‘the more, the merrier’, the maximum strength of a team cannot be more than 3 members.  

Q: What is the last date for registration?

Ans: The last date for registrations differ for every city as mentioned on the website and no applications will be accepted post the closed date.

Q: What happens if the team selected for the finale cannot make it to the final event?

Ans: If selected teams are not able to be present during the finale. A virtual presentation can be done on the stage. (only applicable to students abroad if they encounter any visa issue or students in India who may not be able to attend due to dire circumstances. Provided students in both cases write a mail at It will be considered depending on the severity of the issue.)

Q: What leads to the disqualification of the team apart from the usual filtering process?

Ans: Any form of cheating (copying ideas) will have serious consequences apart from the disqualification of the team.  

Q: What is the venue for GSS?

Ans: GSS will be setting up the grand finale stage at Ramoji Film City.

Q: Do you provide accommodation to the guests?

Ans: Accommodation will be provided to all the delegates and the finale participants who do not reside in Hyderabad. 

Q: Do you provide transportation to the venue?

Ans: For Hyderabad residents, transportation will be provided from different common points in the city. Further details will be shared prior to the main event.   

Q: Do we have to carry the invite to the venue?

Ans: It is strongly recommended to carry the invites for security purposes and for the smooth flow of events.

Q: Do all participants get the participation certificate?

Ans: Yes, we appreciate everybody who has come forward with their ideas in the form of a participation certificate.

Q: Do the participants get free passes to the event?

Ans: The participants who make it to the semi finale and finale will be given free passes. 

Q: Do we have to carry invoice of the purchased passes?

Ans: Yes, the invoice must be shown at the entrance, failing which entry would be denied. Contesting will not be entertained. 

Q: Why should I attend the summit?

Ans: If you are somebody who believes in making ideas happen, GSS is the venue for you. For details on the perks, refer to -

Q: Is there a dress code that needs to be followed?

Ans: The participants are requested to dress in formals or in school uniforms.

Q: Is the pitch deck compulsory for the participants?

Ans: Yes, the students will not be qualified for the screening process without a pitch deck.

Q: Is there any particular format for the pitch deck that the participants must follow?

Ans: You will find a reference pitch deck while filling up the registration form and the participants are recommended to stick to the format.

Q: Is there any registration fees involved?

Ans: A registration fee of 10 USD has to be paid at the time of registration.

Q: Is it compulsory for the ideas to fit into the given seven sectors?

Ans: Yes, the ideas must fit into one of the seven sectors mentioned or if the idea is outside the seven sectors, it must already have a prototype ready to make it to the screening process.

Q: Is there a “wildcard entry” concept in GSS?

Ans: There will not be any wild card entry for the GSS. However, if there are any last-minute disqualifications or dropouts, the next best ideas will be considered.

Q: Is there an opportunity for the participants to network with the delegates present at the venue?

Ans: GSS will be dedicating networking slot in GSS during which everybody is free to approach everybody.

Q: Who attends the Global Schoolpreneur summit?

Ans: Who’s who of the education world, budding entrepreneurs, investors, successful business people, academicians, and of course school students will be gracing GSS 2019. 

Q: Who is eligible to compete in the summit?

Ans: All students from grades 6 to 12 are eligible to register in the summit. Grade 6-8 will fall under the lower grade category and 9-12 will fall under the higher grade category. Prizes and certificates shall be awarded separately for both groups.

Q: Whom should I contact to find answers to the additional queries?


Q: Who will be jury members?

Ans: The jury will comprise leading investors, entrepreneurs, academicians, and bureaucrats.

Q: Can students from different schools be part of the same team?

Ans: Yes, students are free to choose their team members.

Q: Can students from different grades be part of the same team?

Ans: Yes, students are free to choose their team members.

Q: Can we change the team member in the middle of the competition?

Ans: Students will not be allowed to change team members. 

Q: Can I still register my idea (which is rejected in one of the Intra Schoolpreneur Summit) from other cities?

Ans: Yes, we will give you a second chance, because why not!

Q: Does Metamorphosis incubate the winning ideas of GSS?

Ans: Yes, Metamorphosis will be incubating the top three ideas that make it to the grand finale of GSS. 

Q: Will Metamorphosis sponsor the travel and accommodation for the finale candidates who don’t reside in Hyderabad?

Ans: Yes, Metamorphosis will sponsor accommodation for students selected for the finale. However, Travel expenses have to be borne by the students/schools.

Q: Will the team be disqualified if one of the team members fails to be present in any one of the rounds?

Ans: No the team will not be disqualified in such cases. However, the team member will not be qualified for subsequent rounds even if the team qualifies.

Read the terms and conditions carefully